Last Day @ TCC12

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The week has bone gone by so quickly. Tableau brought some incredible speakers and viz artists who shared their tips, tricks and insights. Parameters really are the powerhouse function and I’ve loved seeing all the ways people use them. And playing with Tableau 8 was great! Forecasting is the future and it’s exciting.

I had the pleasure of meeting Stephen McDaniel (@Freakalytics) and having a delightful conversation with him about dashboard development, about the dedication and precision that goes into making a great dashboard and into good visual storytelling.

Today the IronViz competition was incredible. Three Tableau superusers took the stage to build a viz live in 20 min using the same tornado data set. The lovely Anya A’Hearn (@datablick) won with a beautiful vis offering a tribute to the Wizard of Oz. Elsa of Tableau also paid her the very revered compliment that her viz looked like it could be hosted on the NY Times site. Yay!