DataViz Checklist

Last week I had the privilege of hosting a hands-on session at the San Francisco Bay Area Tableau User Group along side Anya A’Hearn and Dan Montgomery and following a talk from Dan Murray from Interworks.  What a fun evening! Since April is Tips Month at Tableau I offered 3 tips for better vizes.  Each of which […]

Tableau How To: Viz of DC Crime, Transit and Imagery | Urban Mapping Blog

Tableau How To: Viz of DC Crime, Transit and Imagery | Urban Mapping Blog. Overview At last month’s Tableau Customer Conference in Washington D.C., we ran a hands-on mapping session that showed how to create dual axis maps while retaining two measures, build custom regions, create a viz with open data and how to use […]

Using Mapfluence to Customize Your Viz | Urban Mapping Blog

Using Mapfluence to Customize Your Viz Why were we so enthusiastic to be at the Tableau Customer Conference this year? Because we are the proud providers of the basemaps and geographic data layers displayed with each map viz in Tableau, and it is exciting to see how much the Tableau community loves maps. Our main […]

TCC13: Geographic Analysis in Tableau: from Business Requirements to User Needs

I am very excited to be hosting an interactive session with Urban Mapping President Ian White at TCC13, the Tableau Customer Conference hosted the Galylord National Resort and Convention Center in Washington, DC. We’ll be hosting our session “Geographic Analysis in Tableau: from Business Requirements to User Needs” on Monday afternoon from 4-5pm in Annapolis. […]

Data Sleuthing with Friends, or, Texas: the Great Executioner

My partner Robert and I, we talk about prisons. We talk a lot about prisoners. We talk about grief and redemption and “the system”. We talk about sentencing and we talk about executions. We talk about these things more than any couple I know. And we talk about these things from two perspectives: the Chaplain […]

What’s the Word- Adding Context to Your Rank?

Browsing Tableau’s Viz of the Day I stumbled upon Ben Jones post on DataRemixed, October 3rd Debate Word Counter. I enjoyed it immediately and appreciated that the pick list defaulted to “teachers”.  I was surprised to learn that Romney said teachers 3.5 times as frequently as Obamas did (7 to 2). As I scrolled through […]

Tableau Dynamic Display

Last week at the Tableau Customer Conference (TCC12) I picked up a few new tricks for my toolbox. One of these, Dynamic Display, solves a problem I struggled with earlier this year: how to show year over year change without showing the previous year (and particularly without showing an empty previous year). If you produce […]

Last Day @ TCC12

The week has bone gone by so quickly. Tableau brought some incredible speakers and viz artists who shared their tips, tricks and insights. Parameters really are the powerhouse function and I’ve loved seeing all the ways people use them. And playing with Tableau 8 was great! Forecasting is the future and it’s exciting. I had […]

Tableau Jedi Training

I am down in San Diego at the 2012 Tableau Customer Conference – today I attended the Tableau Jedi Training and picked up a few great tips to share with customers and include in my vises. It was great realizing that I already knew so much of the content. I can’t wait to hit the […]

Coming soon…

I’m working on a rich data site to welcome you to my explorations in data.  To kick it off, I’m migrating missleigh’s data party  blog over from blogger.  This week I’m at the Strata Conference so please check early next week for updates and a recap of the conference.